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Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021
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Chapter 5Textbook Notes1Controversy 5HighFat Foods Which to Choose for Good HealthThe Changing Fat GuidelinesSaturated fat plays big role in elevated blood cholesterol Problem w low fat dietsoHard for some ppl to keep in long termoNot necessarily low cal oMay exclude nutritious foods like fish nuts seeds and veggie oils LowFat Diet Questions Death rates from heart disease are associated w high saturated fat diets oBut weakly linked with total fatsStudy between Finland and Greece oBoth have 40 or more cals from fat BUToFinland highest heart disease rateoGreece lowestbc a lot of fat is from olive oil vs solid fatsTodays Fat GuidelinesUp to 35 cals from fat w reduced saturated and trans fatslow heart disease Limit fat intake leaner meats cook wout added fat limit t
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