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Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021
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Carbohydrates CHOfirst choice for energy needs the bodysused as glucose or stored as glycogenDietary Sources Grains eg bread cereals pasta etc BeansLegumes eg lenits black beans etc Milk and Alternatives eg milk yogurt but not cheese Fruits eg bananas apples berries pineapple Starchy Vegetables eg potatoes peas corn squash Sweetsdesserts eg cookies chips ice cream cakeOne Serving of carbohydrates 1 slice whole grain bread 6 tortilla 12 hotdog or hamburger bun 1 cup milk 12 cup sweetened yogurt 12 cup sweetened yogurt 1 small fresh fruit 12 a medium banana 1215 grapes 12 a medium potato 12 cup corn or mashed potato 45 cup popcorn 23 plain cookies arrowroots ginger 1 Tbsp sugar or honeySimple CarbohydratesSugars 12 polymersMonosaccharides glucose galactose fructoseDisaccharides sucrose lactose maltoseSugar Alcohols sorbitol mannitolMonosaccharidesGlucose blood sugar essential CHOmain source of energy for brainnerves excreted in the urine by diabeticsFructose fruit sugar sweeter than sugarGalactose part of lactose milk sugar freed during digestionDisaccharidesSucrose glucosefructose table sugar beet or caneLactose glucosegalactose sugar in milk
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