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Western University
Geography 1100
D.Kim Holland

Urban Geography Urban Settlements - 8 000 years ago in valley of the Tigris and Euphrates Iraq; other valleys: Nile Egypt, Huang (Yellow) River China Characteristics - Common ruler - Religion - Specialized services that were located in different parts of the city or town - Invention of writing - Administration and military focus - Mercantile center Definitions of ‘Urban Centers’ Vary - Canada: Places of 1 000 or more inhabitants has more than 400 people per square kilometer. The boundaries of an urban area are not influenced by municipal or even provincial boundaries - Portugal: Agglomerations of 10 000 or more inhabitants - Norway: Localities of 200 or more inhabitants has to be not more than 50m from the houses - US: 10 000 inhabitants that have a population density of at least 1 000 people per square mile - Japan: 30 000 inhabitants with a density of 4 000 inhabitants per square km Population Density - Has decreased in recent years despite increase population o Cause is an increase in transportation o People move to suburbs Major Urban Functions - A basic consideration in classifying an agglomeration as urban should be by FUNCTION not size - 7 Major Functions o 1. Manufacturing – Making or altering goods o 2. Commerce – Exchange of goods and services o 3. Transportation – Physical movement of people or goods; collection and distribution o 4. Administration – Government functions o 5. Defense o 6. Cultural – Religion, art and education o 7. Recreation Models of the City - Concentric Zone Model o Burgess 1925 o Centralized business district, with everything radiating out from middle - Sector Model o Hoyt 1939 o Dependent on transportation routes o Sectors in strips - Multiple Nuclei Model o Harris and Ullman 1945
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