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Geography 1100

Article 3: New Forms of Biofuel Fall Short Hopes for surge in production of alternative biofuels are falling flat US expects to continue use of corn and sugarcane based ethanol to meet previous national mandates Less than 1% of required renewable fuels in the US will come from cellulosic biofuel. This fuel is made from plant stalks and other inedible materials Cellulosic fuel, which can be made from plant waste (corncobs) is still far from being able to meet volume mandates Refiners are being ordered to use a substance that is not being produced in commercial quantities (cellulosic ethanol) and are being required to pay millions of dollars for failing to use this nonexistent substance There is flexibility in the mandate because there is the chance that the industry won’t meet the schedule There are delays in implementation of new technologies Article 4: OPEC Looks to the Sun for Strength Middle eastern members of OPEC are finally diversifying their energy base, pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into harnessing sunshine They are investing in solar power producti
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