Geography 2010A/B Study Guide - Regional Geography, Regional Airline, Eastern Canada

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Region is an area of the earth"s surface defined by its distinctive human and or natural characteristics bone. Distinctive part of earth"s surface climate or landforms. All regions have spatial extent, location, boundaries, either formal or functional and can fit into a hierarchy (5 common characteristics) Physical or cultural: e. g. language, physical characteristics. Formal or functional: formal: uniform one factor. Presence or absence of specific characteristics: functional: based on interaction interaction of each region and look for series of regions that are related. E. g. regional airline center points, newspaper press points in london. Boundaries transition zones: e. g. tree lines of canada, boundaries represent transitional zone. Hierarchy: all regions can be ranked and arranged hierarchically, all regions have spatial extent, region must have a location. Human construct infinite number: regions are human constructs, regions are artificial creations created by humans to serve some purposes for us. Ontario (central canada southern ontario and southern quebec)