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Geography 2010A/B
Suzanne Greaves

1 MID TERMLECTURE 6OCTOBER 17Ontario and agriculture and manufacturing Ontarios Economy any economy can be divided into this1 Tertiaryquaternaryservices sector of economy Management and analysis of information finical decisions 2Secondarymanufacturingindustry sector of the economyFor the last 23 decades their had be an increases emphasis in the industrializing counties so less emphasis on secondary Secondary importance is decreases but there is talk of a renewal one 3 Primaryharvesting and extraction Raw materials and natural resources like mining fishing etc Ontario AgricultureAgricultureExample of Ontarios primary sector industriesSouthern Ontario is the core of CanadaBackgroundCanadas has very limited amounts of agricultural land large country but limited amount of places for agriculture land of the land we do have the best of the best agriculture land is in southern OntarioLess than 10 of Canadas total area is suitable for agricultureLess than 7 of Canadas land is on farms Less than 5 of Canadas land is improvedCritical limits to agricultural activity in Canada terrain permafrost and 1750 growing degreedays moisture deficitLess then 5 of Canadas land base is really good for agriculture and worth investing money into it Map Ontario limits to agriculture activity in Canada 4 lines Terraino Can not farm slopped land and mountain sidesPermafrost long broken line o South more growing degree dayso North less growing degree daysGrowing degree days GDDo Minimum temperature for plant growth is 6 degrees Celsius o Growing degree days looks at the difference between the minimum and the actually temperature on the day oExample days 1 8 degrees outside is 2 degrees from the m minimum 6 o GDD looks at length of growing season and warmth of growing season Warming temperature the more growing degrees Moisture deficito Moisture changes where you can grow thingsOntario information about Canada land for agriculture Canada Land Inventory Capability for Agriculture ClassificationCanada land inventory was done under federal government and had 7 classes Classes 1 to 7Class 1no limitations o Limitations could include things such as terrain if land is sloping it hard for use machinery on it to grow Or nature of soil if theirs a lot of stones in the soil not good for agriculture etc this class has no limitations it is the best of the bestClass 7very severe limitations o So many limitations you will not get much happening in this classCollectively Classes 1 2 and 3the best agricultural land Class 1 is the best no limitations but 2 and 3 are also good and few limitations and can support great crops Ontario has roughly its fair share of the best agric land in Canada not all provinces doeg NfldSome have moreeg SaskHowever Ont has roughly one half of Canadas entire supply of Class 1 land2Graph online numbers of total land area and percentage in terms of which class the provinces land lie on What is a province fair share of the best agriculture land What does fair share comprise ofAdd the climate resource to this information on soil Canada has a very small amount of land that has both the best climate resource and the best soil classification and all of that is found in Ontario Graph Pyramid graph 180 is the minimum length of growing season for barely it has a short rowing season and can handle harsh conditionsLook at graph theirs math to itSouth west Ontario top value is 3A small amount of top quality agriculture resource in Canada and of this all of it is in south western Ontario Problem urban sprawlmost of Canadas Class 1 land is found within 80 km of a CMA o CMA needs 100000 people or more o If you take 80km radius around a city you create a commutertravel shedo On average the person is willing to commutate 80km to get to workMap 3 circlers each circle is centered on a major city Toronto London KitchenerThe radius of circle is 80km In these circles we have the greatest pressure on the land surrounding the city for residential development for people to live their and live in the city where the circles are developed If Canadas best land is in south western Ontario it is the same land under the greatest pressure of urban sprawlCirclers that over lap has 2 cities which is more pressure of the land baseConflict on residential development and industrial development with the use of the land for agriculture We are encroaching on our best arigulcture land Places extreme pressure on this land to be taken out of agric and used for urban related purposesSolution NOPEReplace this land with land at Canadas agricultural frontierNo the levels of productivity are different reflecting the soil and climateSpecialty Crop Regions 1 LeamingtonEssexKent 2 Holland Marsh 3 Thornbury 4 Norfolk Tobacco Belt 5 Niagara Fruit BeltLecture 7October 24 2012Ontario Industry 2 parts to industry Part 1 Assembly Part 2 Parts productionSuppliers of semi processed materialsService firms advertisers designers sales serviceJustintime principle allows savings in inventories warehousing and labor for assembly plants Warehouses full of parts ready for workers A lot of money spent in keeping the inventory for having this stuff shit unproductive in a warehouse the warehousing is also expensive This principal is like order everything you need when you get it the system is well monitored and works but the costs of storage are big OutsourcingPurchasing parts from specialized firmsCost savingscompetitive bidding lowerwagesAuto workers are well paid Purchasing parts from places that make only those parts Asian presenceEarly 1990s90 of N Am vehicle production from GM Ford and Daimler Chrysler 200265Growth of Asian auto makersUsed to be just produce by ford GM and Chrysler the big 3 By 2002 this dropped 65Asian places were attracted to Canada 3 Canada has attracted considerable investment by Japanese companies why 1 Highly motivated workforce 2 Lower value of Canrelative to USexport was cheaper in Canada3 Publicly funded health care vs cost of medicalinsurance auto company has to purchase private health care insurance for their workers but not in Canada Recent Changes in auto industry1 Shift to smaller cars because of higher fuel prices going smaller to save fuel 2 Proven record of Japanese cars Japanese cars proving they are more reliable then north American cars Toyota has had a lot of recalls in the past few years3 Aging baby boomers no longer need big cars to transport families etcbaby boomers are old now so cant drive and dont need big cars Has lead to decline in sales for Big Three auto in north America Companiesdomino effect for parts producersJapanese automakers have proved them selves that they have good carsDutch DiseaseRise in energy sectordecline in manufacturingStrong energy sector Canada dollar higher then US Canadian products are more expensive our manufacturing suffers Manufacturing goods become more expensive and therefore less attractive outside CanadaIn Canada as Alberta fossil fuel increases then Ontarios manufacturing goes downRise in energy decline in manufacturing Great lakesIntroduction 20 of the worlds fresh surface water is in the great lakes Sweetwater seas term used by abdominals to refer to the great lakes Sweet water is fresh water A sea is something we think as being enormous so it makes these bodies of water seem massive Ontario is the great lakes province with honorary mention to QuebecGreat lakes importance to Ontario Fishing small fishery but the biggest of all the fisheries is on lake eri and on the Canada side Tourismrecreation boating fishing chilling in the water Transportation access to St Lawrence sea wayMunicipal water London draws its water from Huron and Eri many places rely on the lakes for water Great lakes Basin map5 great lakes Superior Michigan Huron eri and OntarioWater flows from superior to Huron Michigan to Huron to eri to Ontario to the Atlantic OceanBasin is divided between Canada and the USAMichigan lake is only in the USA not CanadaOn Canada side we have 1 province Ontario on the USA side they have 8 states problems for decision making in the BasinNature is seasonal flow of rivers in winter is lowStoring water in lake Nipigon serves as a natural storage areaEarly century Chicago had colora diseases water born disease Chicago took its drinking water from south end of lake Michigan and also poured its garbage their as well they were drinking their sewage water The anser was to still take drinking water out of lake Michigan but create a canal that took sewage somewhere else Michigan and Huron are joined by a stream when you draw water out from one the other loses water level as wellErie canalprovided a way settlers can move west and grow crops in different places Welland canalbuilt in 1829 Canadas alterative to Eri canal all Canadian canal that gave us a way around Niagara Falls and water based transportation Today it is an important lake in St Lawrence Seaway It allows travelSt Lawrence sea way made up of St Lawrence and great lakes and is a major water way into heart of north America east west way Mississippi river north south way to get in to heart of North AmericaGreat lakes Largest by volume is superiorSmallest is lake Eri and most vulnerable 2 diversions within the basin welland and Eri canalsBasin shared between Canada and the USA1 great lakes province8 great lakes states
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