Geography 2011A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Lake Ontario, Analytical Skill, Social Intelligence

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Thomas courchene economist and adviser to ontario government on federal-provincial. Believes ontario has transformed into an independent region state . In full control of its internal affairs and is firmly integrated into the american economy (especially the great lakes region) Claims that ontario is attempting to become the heartland of north america could result in enormous consequences for the federal government and the rest of canada. Benefits from east-west trade of the canadian economic union, as most of the country"s manufacturing industry is located in ontario and tariff barriers key out foreign goods. Provincial government has slowly responded by separating itself from the federal alliance. Ontario has regained its competitive position with north america due to economic restructuring forced on the province because of the 1990s" recession. Many simply believe ontario is, however, the heartland of canada and that ottawa remains a powerful presence, responsible for many aspects of the country.

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