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Geography 2011A/B
Wendy Dickinson

EMERGE STRONGER PLAN  ON has all assets to secure position as world’s best place to do biz, invest, work, live  Econ struggling right now  finances faltering  unemployment is high 1. Fostering a culture of innovation and smart risk-taking in order to become a productivity leader  ON productivity growth horrible  but it drives economy  Biz must invest in levers of productivity  communication, tech, machinery and equip  government better coordinate Biz support, foster entrepreneurship  Survey  less than 10% think biz sector is productive in any way st 2. Building 21 century workforce through workplace training, utilizing newcomer’s skills and apprenticeship reform  ON faces labour market paradox – unemployment high – biz skill shortage  41% biz leader think province heading in right direction 3. Restoring fiscal balance by improving the way government works  ON debt – 300 bil over 22000 per person  Fed gov must fix 12.3bil gap b/w taxes paid and what we get back  26% of biz – on right direction to restore fiscal balance 4. Taking advantage of new opportunities in global economy  Gov must focus on export programs – take dav of immigrant connections  45% view china most critical market in 5-10 years – 1.4% export to china 5. Identifying, championing and strategically investing in our competitive advantages in the global economy  ON world powerhouse in agri-food, mining and manufacturing  Gov must make dev of ring of fire a priority  60% biz likely to expand in next 5 years IS ONTARIO TURNING INTO A COUNTRY?  Ontario  north American region state – has enough economic clout to fly on its own - Tom courchene thoughts  Everyone thinks ON as heartland of Canada - Canadians first then Ontarians  Full control of internal affairs  integrated into US econ  ON finds itself paying a lot to fed gov and getting little in return  Think of queens park before Ottawa  can accept  ON best place to work or live within Canada – 2 large trading partner of US  90% export to US – 144+bil trade – export = 45.8% GDP above any G7 count.  GTA 8 largest urban area in NA – 2 largest auto manufacturing industry  ON wages – after health care costs – 1.22 to 5.33 lower than US jurisdictions  ON will have lowest income tax in 1999 ONTARIO’S MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE  ON since time of confederation played role as loyal long-suffering husband  tolerate selfish and destructive wife Quebec to preserve family Canada  ON – put Canadian interests before own – more to gain outside confederation than within it - ON runs show in Ottawa  economy has been essence of its culture since time of first settlers  Has more in common with Michigan than BC  Why strive to be autonomous region when can rule a G8 region HAS UPPER CANADA BECOME A NORTH AMERICAN REGION STATE  Era of free trade and globalization undermining old east-west alignment  ON shift leading province away from traditional place as core and linchpin of confed  towards new agresive pursuit of autonomy  ON becoming north American region state- driven by Toronto as a great regional metropolis ONTARIO PROFILE: GEOGRAPHY nd 2  CAN 2 largest province – 1 000 000+ KM  Longest east-west distance – 1690km – north south: 1730km  Highest point – 693m above sea level Timiskaming Area  Manitoulin Island in Georgian Bay world’s largest freshwater island 2766km  Population 13mil+ - 2 timezones cetral and eastern Physical Geography  3 main geographical regions – Canadian shield (NW/Central) – infertile land – rich in minerals – lakes and rivers  N ON – NW and NE - elevations 500+ past Collingwood  N + NE – Hudson Bay Lowland – swampy, sparsely forested  Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Valley – agriculture concentrated, most popular  S ON – Central, Eatern, Golden Horsehoe and SW  Absence of mountains – large areas of uplands  Highest point – IShpatina Ridge – 693km Temagami NE ON Niagara Escarpment  Carolinian forest zone – most of SW, N part of GTA  Long escarpment in US and Canada – Westward from NY through ON Michigan, Winconsin and Illinois  Most prominent formed in bedrock of great lakes  Feb 1990 – world biosphere reserve by UNESCO – one of 12 in Canada Climate  3 main climates – SW ON – moderate humid continental clime – warm, humid summers and cold winters –  Point Peelee + middle island – southest – divides humid continental and subtropical climate  Central/E – severe humid continental – warm/hot summer, colder winter – a lot of snow and precipitation  N – subartic climate – long, severely cold winter, short cool/war
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