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Western University
Geography 2011A/B
Wendy Dickinson

WATER LEVELS: THE GREAT LAKES  Water level rose  storm = waves cause damage to homes  Water level dropped  so low  scared water not deep enough for boats to dock  All great lakes  chain  one drain into the next  superior  huron , Michigan  huron, huron  erie,  Ontario  st Lawrence river  gulf of st Lawrence/atlantic ocean  great lakes basin  774 000 sq km Natural Factors: Why rise/fall  short term  wind  wind setup/surge  strong wind in one direct for long  push water levels up at one end  make levels drop in other end  seiche  water flows back and forth until stabilizes  seasonal  lowest in late fall/winter – water on surface warmer than air above – evaporates  spring  water runs into lakes  water cooler than air  long term changes  precipitation  heavier or lighter levels of participation  earth moves  increase 50cm every 100years  climate change   transpiration  plans/trees take up water in ground, release to atmosphere Human Factors  dredging  for larger ships  diversions   use water and not return it  Controlling the flow  regulate  adjust amount of water which flows in/out of lake  controlled from superior to huron at salt ste marie  from Ontario to st Lawrence at cornwall  flow out of superior  controlled by hydro electric generation plans, navigation locks, water control structure with 16 gates  lake on and st Lawrence river  river meets lake ON modified so commercial shipping and hydro electric plants could expand Renegotiation of the great lakes  amed great lakes water quality agreement to modernize to meet new challenges  new set of concerns  toxic chem in fish and sendiments  new c
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