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Geography 2011A/B

WaterlifeFilm NotesThe film begins with a look a beluga whales in the St Lawrence RiverThey have cancerWhyThe water looks cleanBesides it takes 350 years from water to get from L Superior to the ocean about the same amount of time since European settlement beganand also 7 generationsLake SuperiorThere is a shot of a native fisherman fishing from a boatHe takes a drink of water directly from the lakeHydroelectricity generated from rivers flowing into L Superior allowed to development and growth to take place thereOnce example is Pulp and Paperan industry which uses water to make its product along with bleach inorganic chemicals and other compounds many of which are regulated90 are removed from waste water before it is discharged into rivers and the lake that means 10 remainsThe Sioux Rapids have been circumvented by locks for navigationthis has allowed invasive species to move freely as wellexample zebra mussels sea lampreyThe Mother Earth Water WalkWe are introduced to a first nations woman participating in the Mother Earth Water Walk There is a link on webct about this walkthe goal is to walk around the coast of all the Great Lakesthis is 17000 km or 10000 milesto raise awarenessLake MichiganThe Straits of Mackinaw join L Superior to L Michigan the only lake wholly inside the USL Michigan is a naturally very industrious lakeconstantly eroding the shorelineFishing was a very important industry until the 1960swhen the sea lamprey ruined the fishery Now some areas have turned to tourism for an economic baseChicagoPeople moved to this are because of the LakeBetween 1800 and 1870s the population grew from a few hundred to about 1 millionThe waste sewage from this population went straight into the Chicago River and into Lake Michigan on which the people also relied for clean drinking waterThe contaminated water resulted in disease and death cholera outbreaks other bacteria
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