Geography 2041F/G Final: Geography of China

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Place - name animal / natural features people / activities. Black dragon river sturgeon (few now), salmon, trout, cat sh under ice brown bears under snow. Wont be tested on the time of each dynasty know names and years ago of the major sites of pleistocene hominids slide. Final lecture: modernization of the economy, transformation of society, defence of the nation against foreign aggression. 1911 > last emperor > republic since then how china used language to integrate population Get 2 maps . describe what you see, the function, major points (canal connects beijing to. East coast of china (hebel, tianiin, shandong, jiangsu, and zhejiang provinces) begin in south hangzhou to beijing in north (as far inland as chang"an, luoyang) Yellow river (shandong region), passing through huai river to south yangtze river (tanggula mountains) Began forming in sui dynasty in approx 605. Was longest canal system on earth (1,794km) Tang dynasty: focused the canal north south between beijing and hangzhou.

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