Geography 2060A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fk Austria Wien, Central Place Theory, Urban Sprawl

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Map question: place cities on a map (megacities) Short answer (half page) (explain 3 reasons, etc. ) Distinctive cities: only the ones mentioned in class (beginning of slides) A built up central place surrounded by suburbs, connected by continuous urban area. Way of life, attitudes, and values and patterns of behaviour fostered by cities. The process whereby a society is transformed from rural to urban in character. Classified by population, differs between countries (1k in canada) The built up area that is considered urban", regardless of political classification. Coalescence of urban areas at a regional scale, includes non-urban areas. Shift in nature of work, abandonment, privatization, gentrification. Considerably larger than second biggest city in a country. Largest city is 2x the 2nd, 3x the 3rd, etc. Planned communities, meant to relieve overcrowding & urban sprawl. Attempt to recreate organic urban environments; high density, mixed land use. A central city is surrounded by a cluster of smaller cities, evenly spaced.

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