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Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

Under Pressure: France wants to export nuclear reactors - Nuclear power in France = national pride  has world most advanced nuclear reactor and even safest - Areva  world only one-stop shop nuclear shop  sells everything from Uranium to fuel recycling o Most profitable in Europe - Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan fucked everything up  people having 2 thoughts on nuclear power - Areva boss promises to sell ten EPRs(European Pressurized Reactors) in the next five years The Panic Over Fukushima  DR. MULLER - Long term health effects have been exaggerated with the nuclear accident in Japan - Denver has high natural radioactivity  they get .3 rem of radiation ON TOP of .62 the avg. American gets o Despite this Denver has a lower cancer rate than the rest of the US - If you get exposed to 100+ rem you will get sick right away, 250-359 rem 50% chance of living - 25 rem = no radiation illness but gives you a 1% chance of getting cancer on top of the 20% we all have - Radiation leads to mutations in insects and other simple life-forms - Calculation: (Rem dose * Population)/2500 - Long-term evacuation of Fukushima would cause more harm than good o Evacuation causes disruption to lives that is hard to quantify but very real What Fukushima Really Teaches Us About radiation: - The consequences of Fukushima were lessened by wind (blows east over the P.Ocean) o Therefore about 80% of airborne radiation from Fukushima went out over the ocean o If the wind blew south, millions more would have been exposed to radiation in Tokyo + deaths/illness - 1000rem is also about 100%  2500 rem estimated by Dr. Muller above is arbitrary - Denver has no water  its exposed to Gamma Rays NOT Radioactive elements Cloud Hovers over China’s Solar Industry - Suntech  worlds biggest solar panel manufacturer o Founder, Shi Zhengron was once one of the richest men in China  his empire now SUCKS - They’ve cut ~ 40% of solar panel production - China’s solar panel industry is like a “patient on life support” - Influence the market in two ways 1. Boosting domestic demand for panels 2. Supportive policies to help homegrown panel markets avoid bankruptcy - Most analysts estimate china will be second to Germany - In china local governments are not really governments they’re more like ENTERPRISES - Losses will continue until the weaker manufacturers are weeded out In Solar Power, India Begins Living Up to Its Own Ambitions - Slower power is clean energy but it can be dusty in India - Azure Power - Efficiency of solar technology will continue to increase = increase in demand and cost will decrease - By 2020 they said solar power use will go from 0  20,000 Megawatts (equivalent of 20million American homes) - India is more suitable place to generate solar power because it gets 300+ days of sunlight every year Morocco wins green light for solar complex - Ouarzazate solar complex will cover an area the size of many football friends and have the capacity of 500 megawatts  enough to power 90,000 homes - Morocco’s abundant sunshine, low humidity and large tracts of unused land near road networks and power lines makes it an ideal place to build concentrated solar power plants - Currently Morocco imports 97% of its energy needs  relies on coal-fired and oil-fired plants - The first phase of Ouarzazate will help avoid emitting 240,000 tons of carbon each year which is like removing 80,000 cars from the road The Cellulosic Ethanol Debacle - If you mandate and subsidize it, som
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