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Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

GLOBALIZATION • Post translational grew because of better transportation • Telegraph similar position to the internet • Globalization isn’t new o we are currently in the second one which started after the second world war o Government interest only 40-50 years old; fairly new o Host country is the country receiving the foreign investment o Number one target for investments is latin America (raw materials) o Sources of capital from Canada are mainly from the U.S and UK • 1938 host countries o This is just before the war starts because in 1939 – world war II starts for Canadians • 1914 – home countries o 1914 – beginning of the first world war • 1939 – home countries o After the war the UK is basically broke o Germany gets a little slice o Netherlands is mainly southeast Asia oil investments • 1914 FDI Distribution o Service economy we live in know probably had its roots from long before • 1914 Host Rankings o By 1918 Russia falls off the list  When capitalists were told to get out and stay out • 1929 Host Rankings o Russia is not anywhere on the list o Some colonial possessions on the rankings  India, Cuba • Improved communications o To participate in international business you need to know English • Time Distances o How long it takes for a cheque to get to various places • Trade  Precursor? o Possible to get products from almost every place in the world (except SA and Japan) o Trade lakes are on coastal areas • Old versus New o Only real difference between the two globalization is that democracy was not a very widespread before • World network is fairly sparse • Telegraph system is also fairly dispersed o First large scale communication cable in the west (paris/libson area) • Globalization of accounting o More than one standardized accounting systems o IFRS is increasingly becoming the standard o KPMG has offices anywhere that has an economic presence • Globalization of Finance o NYC – kingdom of investment o London – currency trade o Tokyo – dominant of southeast asia o If one were to fall off it would be Tokyo and its place would go to Shanghai • Number of Firms Listed 2010 o TMX = Toronto stock exchange  Second largest  Domestic market o NYSE = new york stock exchange  Foreign market • The road to Mega-markets o Don’t need to know details just main idea • WSK Weather Map o NA, Western Europe, Southeast Asia • Off shore banking locations o Caribbean is a hot spot • Largest bank in the world is ICBC (Chinese bank) • 4 of the world’s biggest banks are Chinese banks (4 years ago this wouldn’t have been the case) • The Big Five 2011 o Canadian banks are the only banks not affected by the 2008/2009 recession  Due to conservative nature of Canadian banks o Government wont allow any bank mergers to occur • Why income o Worry about the size of the market when you’re trying to sell your product o More money you have to more money you spend on discretionar
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