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Geo 2143A 2011 quiz 1 answers.pdf

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Western University
Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

Geography 2143a Name________________________ Quiz No. 1, Version 1 Student Number:________________________ Row____, Seat _______ September 27, 2011 27 marks total 1. The most important technology that changed the nature of work was (as described in Credit Where Its Due) a) pneumatics b) batteries c) steam power d) invention of the gearing ratio e) electricity 2. The introduction of what transport mode had the greatest impact on the ability of corporate executives to manage distant branch plants a) stage coach b) trains c) propeller driven aircraft d) jet aircraft e) steam ships 3. Which of the following is the best example of a globalized economic activity a) real estate insurance b) foreign exchange markets c) national bank rates d) residential construction e) a and b above 4. ‘enabling technologies’ are? a) the use of technology to allow flexible manufacturing b) technologies that increase labor productivity c) technologies used to improve the mobility of the physically impaired through the use of biotechnology d) technologies that improve the speed of interaction or travel that facilitates the space/time convergence of the international economy e) none of the above 5. Which of the following countries would probably not be considered a member of the core of the international economy. a) USA b)Vietnam c) Canada d) France e) they are all in the core 6. Which of the following was not a positive impact of the introduction of railways? a) Fresh food into cities b) allowed expansion of genetic pool c) standardized time zones d) new postal services and national newspapers e) internationalization of accounting standards Page 1 7. Who were the Dissenters? a) Social conservative politicians who fought against changes in land tenure b) labourers who resisted the introduction of steam technology c) free churchmen and churchwomen who wouldn’t sign loyalty oaths d) anti-slavery activists e) none of the above 8. Figure A (see last page of the quiz) depicts a) costs of transportation modes over time b) levels of economic integration c) human population group by region d) telecommunication costs e) none of the above 9. The most important international trading pact in which Canada has membership is a) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries b) North American Free Trade Agreement c) Union of North American Economies d) North American Free Tariff Association e) Pan American Trade Association 10. The difference between GDP and GNI is a) GNI is more fun to say b) there is no difference c) GDP is a concept of income, GNI is a measure of market value d) GNI is a concept of income, GDP is a measure of market value e) GDP uses present value dollars, GNI uses 1990 based dollars 11. Figure B (see last page of the quiz) a) The divide between socialist and capitalists economies b) The North-South divide c) The digital divide d) climatic zones e) continental divides 12. Spatial inertia is a) tendency of firms to continue to change headquarters locations b) increasing costs of transportation over time c) increasing production costs associated with old manufacturing plants d) misidentification of least cost locations e) none of the above 13. Which of the following is an example of a trade bloc a) The North American Consolidated Free Trade Zone
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