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Geo 2143 quiz 2 answers ver 1.pdf

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Western University
Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

Geography 2143b Name________________________ Quiz No. 2, version 1 Student Number:________________________ Pick the best answer Row:_____ Seat:______ October 11, 2011 1. Which of the following is not true about inward FDI for Canada a) Canada’s share of world inward FDI is declining b) Total inward stock of FDI is steadily increasing c) Over 50% comes from the US d) A sector of concentration is in oil and natural gas (15%) e) all of the above are true 2. Which of the following is not true about global outward FDI a) it has been steadily declining overall for the last 10 years b) FDI is becoming more geographically selective c) Countries attracting the greatest FDI are those with export led policies d) The USA receives more than anyone else e) all of the above are true 3. Domestic content information for autos is required under a) Canada Automobile Labeling Act b) section 13f of the NAFTA treaty c) US-Canada Auto Pact d) TriPact Auto Treaty e) none of the above 4. According to the Globalization and Revolt video a major component of globalization is a) the diffusion of research and development b) trade inefficiencies c) manufacturing d) diseconomies of scale e) none of the above 5. Feelings of sadness are thought to a) decrease a person’s likelihood to buy a product b) increase a person’s likelihood to buy a product c) induce less risky behaviour d) be irrelevant by behavioural economists e) a and d 6. Which of the following is not likely to account for differences in prices of identical products in different countries a) tariffs b) pricing strategies c) currency valuations d) cultural variance e) a country’s price structure 7. Which of the following was not a product illustrated on the BusinessWeek slide show a) Apple iPad b) Hermes tie c) Coca Cola d) McDonald’s Big Mac e) BMW M3 Coupe 8. In the initial stage of development of a corporation, the 2 most important costs are a) unskilled labour and urbanization economies b) engineering/research and urbanization economies c) unskilled labour and engineering/research d) management and capital e) none of the above 9. According to the sequential model of TNC development, how does a firm establish a sales outlet in an overseas market a) pay a bribe to a government official b) list on that country’s stock exchange c) acquire a local firm d) establish a joint venture e) procure a license 10. How many stages do TNCs typically go through in their development a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6 e) 2 11. Stage 3 of the TNC development model is a) capitalization b) management reorganization c) establishment of foreign production facilities d) exports products back to the home country e) none of the above 12. Which of the following is not true of the product life cycle a) it has 3 stages b) the cycle is getting shorter c) it starts with exports and ends with imports d) many products follow the cycle. e) all of the above are true 13. Which of the following is the most valuable brand a) IBM b) McDonald’s c) Disney d) Google e)Apple 14. Which of the following is not an offshore financial centre a) Gibralter b) Isle of Man c) Isle of Aruba d) Panama e) Monaco 15. How many Canadian banks are among the 18 largest banks in the world
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