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Western University
Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

Geography 2143a version 1 Name________________________ Quiz No. 5 Pick the BEST answer Student Number:________________________ November 25, 2011 1. What country is the largest consumer of energy in the world? a) China b) Russia c) India d) United Kingdom e) none of the above 2. The least restrictive abortion laws are found in a) South America b) the Northern hemisphere c) the Southern hemisphere d) Ireland e) North Korea 3. Which of the following stages of life generally confer the highest probability of migration a) retirement b) families with teenagers c) single parent households d) families with small children e) none of the above 4. The largest city in the world as measured by population is a) Mumbai b) Mexico City c) Beijing d) Shanghai e) none of the above 5. What significant change happed to Canadian immigration around the year 1982 a) Eastern European immigration to Canada significantly increased b) more Americans immigrated to Canada than Canadians immigrated to the US c) Asian immigration exceeded European immigration d) The Canadian Immigration Act was passed e) none of the above 6. Figure 1 (end of quiz) refers to a) the step theory of migration b) the push pull model of migration c) the third demographic dividend d) population imbalances in developing countries e) none of the above 7. The most widely used fuel for electrical generation on a world scale is a) natural gas b) oil c) coal d) uranium e) thorium 8. Which of the following countries economies is the most efficient in its use of energy for each $ of GDP produced a) Japan b) China c) USA d) Canada e) Gabon 9. Of the regions listed below which one has the highest per capita energy consumption a) Southeast Asia b) Central America c) North America d) sub Saharian Africa e) Korean peninsula questionvoided 10.Whichofthefollowingisthecorrectorderofworldenergyproduction a)coal,oil,gasandnuclear b)oil,coal,gasandnuclear c)oil,gas,coalandnuclear d)gas,oil,coalandnuclear e)gas,coal,oilandnuclear 11. Canada’s per capital energy consumption in 2005 (in kilograms of oil equivance per person) was approximately a) 1,000 b) 2,300 c) 4,500 d) 8,500 e) 9,800 12. Synthesis gas is a combination of a) hydrogen and carbon monoxide b) oxygen and hydrogen c) hydrogen and carbon dioxide d) phosphorous and carbon e) none of the above 13. Ionic liquid is a) made of mercury b) a type of salt c) liquid ionium d) used in shock wave technology e) used in the creation of syngas 14. The Mountaineer Plant is a) a nuclear plant b)a coal fired plant c) associated with carbon sequestering d) a and c e) b and c 15. The Macondo disaster refers to a) a partial nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island b) an explosion at a the natu
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