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Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

Geography 2143a version 1, 2011 Name________________________ Quiz No. 6 Pick the BEST answer Student Number:________________________ 1. How many watts is a megawatt a) 100 b) 1,000 c) 10,000 d) 100,000 e) 1,000,000 2. How many of the world’s top 10 manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules are located in China a) 1 b) 3 c) 5 d) 7 e) 10 3. Which of the following lines in Figure 2 best represents the trend in Russian oil production from 1992 to 2004 a) b) c) d) e) 4. Which of the energy sources listed below is the most expensive in producing electricity a) onshore wind b) nuclear c) offshore wind d) (gas fired) natural gas e) reprocessed titanium ore 5. Which of the following sources of electricity is the most expensive when considering only the upper limit of dollars/mwh a) coal b) nuclear c) solar thermal d) wind e) geothermal 6. At a world scale it is projected that the dominant source of fuel for electricity production in 2030 will be a) oil b) natural gas c) coal d) nuclear e) alternate fuels 7. Which of the following areas or countries provides the highest level of government support for biofuels a) USA b) Canada c) European Union d) Australia e) China 8. What region of the world uses coal for more than 50% of its energy consumption a) North America b) Middle East c) Africa d) Asia Pacific e) South and Central America 9. What sector of the world economy consumes the most oil a) electricity b) industrial c) commercial d) transportation 10. Which of the following is not a type of oil a) sweet b) light c) heavy d) sour e) bitter 11. The largest oil and gas company as measured by world-wide oil reserves in the world is (this includes both state and privately owned) a) Exxon b) ConocoPhilips c) Saudi Arabian Oil Co d) Petroleos de Venezuela e) National Iran Oil Co 12. Which of the following countries has the largest oil reserves in 2010 a) Kazakstan b) Venezuela c) United Arab Emirates d) Canada e) USA 13. Transport of crude oil out of Alberta is mainly by a) Great Lakes tankers b) rail tanker cars c) barge down the Athabasca River d) pipelines to Sarnia e) pipelines to USA 14. What major oil producer is not part of OPEC a) Kuwait b) Venezuela c) United Arab Emirates d) Russia e) Japan 15. OPEC has a) 16 members b) over 75% of the world’s known oil reserves c) absolute control over oil prices d) vast untapped oil reserves e) a, b and c 16. What countries are likely to lay claim to the arctic seabed for access to raw materials a) Russia, USA, Canada and Denmark b) Russia, USA, Norway and Canada c) Russia, Finland, Sweden and Canada d) Russia, USA, Canada and Sweden e) Russia, Finland , USA and Canada 17. If there is a 50% certainty of crude oil being produced, it is a ___________ reserve a) practical b) proven c) possible d) probable e) none of the above 18. Currently the majority of electrical power (at a world scale) is created from what source a) hydroelectric b) natural gas c) oil d) nuclear e) none of the above 19. Which of the following is not a problem with shipping ethanol via pipeline a) the use of teflon lined pipelines b) insufficient volume of production c) existing pipelines are in the wrong place d) absorption of water e) all of the above are problems 20. The world’s most plentiful fossil fuel is a) coal b) natural gas c) crude oil d) uranium e) thorium 21. The province with the highest installed ethanol production capacity is a) Quebec b) Saskatchewan c) Manitoba d) Ontario e) Newfoundland 22. A big problem with the use of wind power generation is a) there are no high capacity transmission lines near the transmission areas b) high tower construction cost c) government regulation against their construction d) solar power is cheaper e) a and d 23. Which of the following provinces has the largest hydro generation capacity a) Newfoundland b) Quebec c) Ontario d) Alberta e) British Columbia 24. The area of Canada listed below with the greatest solar energy potential is: a) Northwest Ontario b) The southern area of the Prairies c) The West Coast d) The East Coast e) The Arctic 25. The country in the world with the greatest number of operating nuclear power plants is a) Canada b) Japan c) Russia d) France e) none of the above 26. The country in the world with the greatest amount of wind electrical generation capacity is a) Canada b) Japan c) China d) France e) Tonga 27. The world’s second (as of 2011) largest producer of ethanol is Brazil, what is the source of the plant matter? a) switc
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