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Space vs. Place 12/4/2012 1:37:00 PM
“Space is like sex …it’s there but we don’t talk about it”
(Edward Hall)
TT kaken ffor grantt ded, bbecause we lilive iin itit.
Fish probably don’t spend their days thinking about what
Space = nowhere
Merely Merely aa physical physical and/or and/or geographical geographical
location. location. Space Space
is inauthentic, generic.
Place = somewhere emotionally and personally RELATIONAL.
significant; a place of authenticity
Theorizing what “place” is:
• “Place is humanized space” (YiFu Tuan).
• “Place has to be one of the most multilayered and multipurpose words
in our language” (Harvey, 1993 p.4).
• “Place” is a generic term in everyday use in nearly every language, but
what do we mean by it?
• Place is central to many aspects of human thought and behaviour
• It involves relational and comparative thinking:
Space: a structure in which physical and intangible processes flow through;
often an abstract concept representing the areas of movement between
• Place: the central issue lies in a place’s difference relative to other places
(i.e., relationship in a broader whole)
Largely a locational concept
• Relative location: the location of a place relative to other places
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