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Terry Webb

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Geography of Tourism Exam ­ Exam questions will be statements “…. Discuss” ­ They are statements that are reflective of the meaning of tourism o Ex: “Tourism is/is not a necessity. Discuss.” o Ex: “Disney is the best tourist experience in the world. Discuss.” ­ Questions will revolve around: o What do I know how about me as a tourist that I didn’t know about before taking this course? o What is tourism according to you? o Having read the book, done the assignments, sessions in class, what do you now know about tourism and yourself as a tourist that you didn’t know before o Difference between USA tourism and tourism in the rest of the world?  Compare different constructs  Similarities and differences  Ex: How is heritage treated in USA vs. Italy  Use your own personal experiences  When did you do this trip? ­ Point of exam – show what I learned ­ 3 categories o A – people that show up say this is what I learned about tourism that I didn’t know before this is what I now know about me as a tourist – reflective learning o B – will copy from the textbook – not reflective o C – haven’t read the book, haven’t bought it Q: Difference between USA tourism and tourism with rest of the world? ­ Compare two different places – place in USA vs. Italy? o How do I understand tourism and the distinction between USA and Italy from my perspective? o Compare two places I’ve been o What I knew then? o What I know? o How do I see myself as a tourist then and now? ­ Accommodations ­ Size and Diversity o USA – large different cultures – melting pot tourism o Italy – mainly one culture – used for tourism ­ Activity-based tourism o USA – landscape, environment o Italy – historical and cultural ­ Economic significance o US no, Italy yet ­ Transportation How is heritage treated in the USa vs Italty – book suggests these things about heritage. I'm using my own personal expeirences – when did I do the trip? In retrospect – looking at what I observed in Italy and what I’ve observed There are similarities and differences Challenging what I did and did not know What do I know now? How it’s changed you? Future assignments? What am as a tourist in the future? How do I se myself as a tourist now and in the future? 2 essay questions Me as a tourist – essay #1 What I learned as a tourist #2 Questions are statements What I learned about tourist… what I learned about myself as a tourist? Place isn’t different, but experience of it is – metaphor of the course Rural vs urban Stadiums, festivals, events *Statement questions on the exam will revolve around these questions below. Use the answers to these questions to fit them into the statement questions on the exam. Q: What I learned about me as a tourist/tourism? Classification of Tourists ­ The metaphor of the course is that all tourists are not alike. ­ While the places are the same, everyone has a different way of experiencing tourism ­ Everyone has different reactions to different places, different ideas of fun, goals interests, motivations, expectations ­ There are different types of tourism: Cohen’s Classification of Tourists: o (1) Organized Mass Tourist  Low adventure  Purchases a ready-made trip package tour  Guided destination with little contact with culture or people o (2) Individual Mass Tourist  Similar to above, but looks to add in personal choice  But still organized by tourist industry  Still shielded from experiencing the culture and people o (3) Explorer  Trip organized independently, looking to get off the beaten track  Comfortable accommodation and reliable transport  Looks to abandon tourism area to experience culture and people o (4) Drifter  No connection to tourist industry  No fixed itinerary  Engage with local culture and people - Me = 'Individual Mass Tourist' and 'Explorer'. o I prefer an organized pre-packaged, but a private tour. Personally, I want to experience what others are unable to. My travels would usually include comfortable accommodations and dependable transport. With that said, as an 'explorer', I prefer to engage in only one or two planned activities and the rest of my trip is usually impulsive or 'planned as I go'. o Overall, I place a high value on a quality experience with a combination of adventure, luxury and unique accommodations. I am willing to spend more money in order to fully enjoy the experience. - Example: o Africa – explain how it fits into my type of a tourist o For instance, when I embarked on my African Safari (which I did for ‘My Tourist Experience” assignment), the trip was pre-packed by a tourist company, but was a private guided tour o Explore and impulsive – visited stone town in Zanzibar and Masaai village Motivations ­ Use Consumer Decision Making Framework Chart ­ Everyone has different motivations for traveling and have different motivations for traveling to different places o (1) My family influence  Learning and experience family culture  Ex: Israel I went to visit Israel to see my families culture and learn about my personal heritage o (2) Socio-economic influence  My economic status  Traditional-Leisure Paradox – Time vs Money o (3) Cultural Influence  Do I want to go see specific cultures? Or experience specific cultures? o (4) Reference Group Influence  In school I learned a lot about both World and American history which got me very interested in visiting historical heritage sites around the world  Ex: traveled to Italy and New York ­ Place Dependant vs. Space Dependant? o Place – particular places such as Scotland or Egypt o Space – Beach, Golf, Ski  I am sometimes more space dependant (beaches when I need to relax, historical motivations), other times I am more place dependant (Italy, Africa, etc.) ­ Influenced by what/whom?? o Going by yourself? Family? Friends etc. ­ Do I want a unique and authentic experience ­ Do I want to shop? ­ Do I want to do things that people don’t normally do? o Yes – climb mount Everest in my dream vacation ­ What motivates us to go where we go and why? o 4 S’s - Sun, Sand, Sea, Sex (Romance/Love) Tourism Trends: - I have learned that overtime, Tourism has gone from being a luxury item to something that being are used to doing - I am a part of this group – I see tourism as a basic human right - Tourism has become a basic human right – to go on vacation - It has become a notion of equality and how people are treated - Purpose of travel = human right for people to travel - Suggests that basic condition of humanity is the desire to experience other places - Not just your home, but desire to see other places - We now have an expectation that in December or even in February, we are going somewhere - Should be the 6 aspect of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - The need for travel is a necessity not a luxury - Why has this happened? o Globalization has made tourism cheaper o Travel ticket prices has gone down substantially over the past few decades making travel easier o We can go further then every - Personal - reflective o For me, I expect to travel at least twice per year – December Break and February Break and sometimes in the summer. o It’s become a human right, a necessity o Not a luxury Tourism as a Business - The business of tourism is distinct from all other types of businesses - Tourism cannot be defined as “a production process involving a distinct product and identifiable inputs” - Why? Because tourism as a final product is the experience itself - The consumer is involved in creating the experience - It is the consumption of the tourism experience that defines what the experience is - But, because everyone is different - has different tourism desires, needs, motivations, the final product will be different for everyone - *See different classifications of tourists, different motivations, expectations - Cannot say “Disney is the best tourist experience in the world” o Why because for some this may not be true - Ex: o My experience on the African Safari in Kenya and Tanzania could have been much different for someone else o Whereas I prefer to see beautiful environmental landscapes and enjoy nature-based tourism, someone else may not enjoy it o They may prefer to be active, play sports, or rather just sit on a beach How has this changed you? How do I see myself as a tourist now and in the future? Future Assignments/Future Dream Vacations? - How has this changed you? o I know what I like, what motivates me to travel, what I desire to do, how I like to do it o More accepting of different peoples tourists desires, motivations, and expecations - How do I see myself as a tourist now and in the future? o After doing my assignments, learning in class and doing the readings… o I now understand the trends, what makes tourism work, what drives tourism, I know what I want to do, see, where I want to go? o I know the factors that will influence my travel decisions – desires, family influences, time, money - Future Assignments/Dream Vacations o I did my dream vacation on the Wonders of the World o Why? – history, seeing things that people don’t usually experience (Ex: Mount Everest) o Next trip – more Wonders of the World – Taj Mahal, etc.  These are more historical, explorer type sites that fit my personality 
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