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Geography 2152F/G Final: Reading Questions

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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Mark Moscicki

GEOG 2152: Geography of Hazards Reading #3 Review Questions 1. Describe what occurs in the lead-up to a megathrust earthquake大型逆冲区地震. The tectonic plates move toward one another continually, but can get stuck when in contact, creating over long periods of time an immense build-up of strain that eventually exceeds the friction between them. When the stress eventually exceeds the friction between two plates, an earthquake occurs. 2. How does a core sample from the ocean floor reveal a past earthquake event? The abnormal band of rock and chunks of wood debris 碎片 that interrupt the core’s muted 柔和的 brown tells a story: thousands of years ago, a megathrust earthquake rumbled through Vancouver Island, triggering a landslide, the debris fingerprint the differences in the core sample. 3. Why was the Christchurch earthquake of 2011 a surprise to scientists? Because the scientists didn’t even know there was a fault in the region until a much less damaging magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred in September 2010. 4. What is the proposed reason for the seismic activity on Baffin Island in Nunavut? The seismic activity may be caused by the ground slowly rising thousands of years after the glaciers that once covered
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