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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Leichelle Little

Final Exam Questions Matching Seismograph Instrument that records earthquakes Liquefaction Transformation of solid material S Wave Travels in a snake-like motion Epicenter Point on Earth’s surface above quake Intensity Measure of severity and shaking P Wave Travels in a push-pull motion Focus Where the rocks first rupture Tectonic Creep Slow, continuous movement Amplification Transfer of energy to surface waves Thrust Fault Low-angle reverse fault Tephra General term for volcanic material Pyroclastic Flow The most deadly feature of volcanoes Lahar Mud flow Pahoehoe Hardened lava with a smooth texture Maar A crater that has filled with water to form a lake Composite Volcano A steep-sided volcanic cone Caldera A crater caused by collapse of the summit Shield Volcano A volcano with gently rising sides Lateral Blast Explosion out of the volcano’s side Super Volcano Yellowstone is an example Prescribed Burn A purposely set controlled fire Surface Fire A wildfire that burns along the ground Fuel Leaves, debris, and shrubs are examples Fire Regime Potential for wildfire based on fuel; terrain Extinction The final phase of a wildfire Combustion The phase of a wildfire that includes flaming Pioneer Vegetation First plant species to appear after a wildfire Crown Fire Flaming combustion of the upper canopy Pre-Ignition Initial phase of a wildfire Fire Break An area lacking fuel Epidemiology The study of health related events Pandemic Global spread of disease Outbreak Simultaneous occurrence of cases Cholera Caused by drinking contaminated water Radon An odourless gas Sonar Used to find the remains of Titanic Chernobyl Location of the world’s worst nuclear accident Cumulative Effects Cause a slow worsening over time Influenza Disease with universal susceptibility Uranium Mined for use in nuclear reactors Agent Orange Herbicide used during the Vietnam war Run-Out Zone Area of deceleration and snow deposition Avalanche Tranceiver A portable device that emits a radio signal Dubious Weapons Cause indiscriminate destruction Avalanche Shed Allows avalanches to travel over roads Demographic Violence Targets a specific group of people Ecocide Widespread destruction of the environment Point-Release Avalanche It has an inverted V shaped track Hoar Ice crystals that cause weak layers War On Culture Violence directed at historic symbols Multiple Choice & Short Answers 1) To locate the epicenter of an earthqua
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