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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Mark Moscicki

GEOG 2152F: Geography of Hazards Reading #3 Review Questions 1. What are some of the main differences between pre-industrial (folk) responses to disasters and industrial responses? During what time period did industrial responses become commonly observed? Pre-industrial responses were largely actions by individuals and small groups and involved a wide range of adjustments. There was an emphasis on harmonization with nature and also involved limited capital requirements. Responses vary over short distances and are flexible. Losses are perceived as inevitable and are minimized by learning with experience. Industrial responses involve coordination with the authorities and have a restricted range. Emphasis is placed on technological control over nature and therefore responses involve high capital requirements. Responses are uniform and may be reduced by government action. Industrial responses became commonly observed in the early twentieth century. 2. What is meant by the “long nineteenth century”? “Long nineteenth century” refers to the eruption period of Mount Etna between 1792/3 and 1923. 3. What is the difference between a Type A lava flow field and a Type B lava flow field? A Type A flow field is narrow when compared with its length, whereas a Type B flow is wide when compared with its length. 4. Describe the geography of Sicily. Why does the inland part of the island appear so different than the outer edges? Sicily is described as an “ugly picture in a frame of gold” because the interior of the island is dry and
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