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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Mark Moscicki

GEOG 2152F: Geography of Hazards Reading #4 Review Questions 1. Why do people live in hazardous areas? People live in hazardous areas including not having the knowledge of a potential disaster, not having access to energy elsewhere, not having a choice, and not having any worries about a disaster. 2. What role does inertia play in our exposure to hazards? As out cities grew, they became entrenched and permanent. It was easier to build defenses for natural events rather than moving. Communities become established and there are major obstacles to moving: traditions, property ownership and inconvenience. 3. What role does education play in our vulnerability to hazards? Increased knowledge and education of hazards allows for more effective planning and forecasting of hazards and allows for the minimization of risk and damage. 4. If someone’s house situated on a floodplain is damaged or destroyed in a flood, who is to blame? Why? The homeowner i
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