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Geography 2152F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: MeteorologyExam

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GEOG 2152F/G
Mark Moscicki
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GEOG 2152: Geography of Hazards
Hurricane Katrina
1. What is a tropical depression? Describe the origins of Hurricane Katrina.
Centre of low pressure with windspeeds under 39mph. accompanied by thunderstorms.
2. How have we been improving the forecasting of hurricanes?
Better understanding of atmospheric dynamics and technology.
3. Why did the wetlands begin disappearing after the levees were built? How have disappearing
wetlands increased the vulnerability of New Orleans?
Kept the river from flooding and the wetlands starved of new soil. No more soil to soak up water
and less Cyprus trees to block wind
4. How did the workers repair the breaches in the levees? How long did it take to finally pump
all the water out of the city?
One month before city is dry. The workers dropped sandbags to fill the breaches and cover the
5. What are two strategies suggested to best decrease the risk to people in New Orleans from
future hurricanes?
Increase wetlands by letting Mississippi go wild and getting rid of those levees.
Level 5 protection
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