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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Mark Moscicki

GEOG 2152F: Geography of Hazards Video: Japan Tsunami 1. With respect to plate tectonic processes, describe the specific cause of the earthquake that caused the Japan tsunami. - japan lies near the Eurasian plate and the pacific plate. The pressure was building up for hundreds of years as these plates were pushing together and finally the pressure snapped like a stretched rubber band. The pacific plate was being pushed underneath the Eurasian plate because the pacific plate was more dense. The Eurasian plate was being pulled down and it finally snapped up after so much pressure and thus creating huge waves. 2. How did the geography of the land around Sendai enhance the destruction in that region? - Sendai is mostly farmland, low and flat. No structures to impede the waves, the water was able to easily travel along the flat lands. 3. Why did the walls in Miyako fail to restrain the tsunami? - the quake caused the ent
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