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Geography 2152F/G
Mark Moscicki

GEOG 2152F: Geography of Hazards  Video: Hurricane Katrina 1. What is a tropical depression? Describe the origins of Hurricane Katrina. • Begins as a tropical depression, uses energy from the warm water • Warm water and energy is sucked in and is forced upward through the center • 2. How have we been improving the forecasting of hurricanes? • Due to greater understanding of atmosphere dynamics • Sophisticated satellites to provide images from above • Gps unit is dropped in the storm and it records wind speeds in different elevations of the storm • 3. What was the engineering approach to protect the city? What were its limitations? • Earth levees and concrete flood walls • Limitation was only to protect category 3 storms • The city pumps were only made to deal with rain fall, not to deal with water once it got into the city 4. What role do wetlands play? How have they been altered and what has been the impact? • The pipe system tht was developed allowed the city to expand away from the missisiipi
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