Robert MacNamara War Movie

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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Robert MacNamara War Movie 262012 14100 PM War Against Vietnam y Robert MacNamara Defence Secretary in the 1960s had a lot of faith in the predictive power of his quantitative techniques on how the enemy would respond y There was an occasion when he was confronted by and where he assures him that he has done every calculation about what the likely outcome will be and that the United States will win the war y To the extent that this conviction involved considerable risk MacNamaras arrogance and his refusal to listen to his colleagues or even question his techniques proved to be his undoing y His techniques depended on the assumption that the enemy would also behave rationally in response to the increases in US troop levels and surrender y His plan backfired and the war intensified y MacNamaras stand highlights a great deal about the narrowness of some methodologies in decision making especially those which rely on quantitative analysis and completely neglect contextual features y He is considered a rather tragic figure in American political historyThe Hero y George BallDeputy Secretary of State y He keeps warning Bob MacNamara about the narrowness of the his techniques especially based on his analysis of Vietnamese history and the resilience with which they had effectively fought off Chinese aggression and French colonialism y Ball knew that MacNamara was neglecting this crucial aspect of Vietnamese history and also over exaggerating his assumption that the Vietnamese would withdraw their army and surrender in other words act rationally as he had expected y Ball eventually resigned from the Johnson administrationRelevance y Assumptions of rational decision making in managerial and policy sciences are narrowly considered
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