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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Rationality 1302012 13600 PM Rationality y Limitations of rationality is vividly illustrated by the scene from McNamaras reasoning on how the US could defeat Vietnam by relying on the assumption of rationality and the use of measureable techniques y McNamara thought that the only rational response for the Vietnamese after the bombing was to surrender o The opposite happened and the Vietnamese set up attacks where McNamaras neglect of context and history proved to be his undoing y New experimental methodologies in economics and quantitative social science are being used to measure risk o Increasing emphasis on predictionInfluence of Neurosciences in Economics and Political Economy y Recent research on memory and cognition favors a very individualized account of social processes y Charles Tillysociologist his critique of behavioral economics and the influence of neurosciences o The material of social processes is not individual cognition individuals form each other in transactions so the individuals are embedded in social processesJasanoff y He insisted on how beside relying on measurement the policy sciences should rely on greater interaction with other sciences such as ethics and philosophy y Also stated that we should understand the limitations of instrumental rationality especially in the face of greater uncertainty y An increase in knowledge only increases our ignoranceNatural Disaster y Used to refer to a disaster in which the hazard or event originates in the environment y The term has led to meanings that disasters are a natural state of affair
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