Natural Disaster Response and Hurricane Hazel

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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Natural Disaster Response 272012 32700 PM Natural Disaster Response y Most social scientists believe that an adequate response to natural disasters requires a degree of preparedness and a strong state y Disaster history is the history of the construction of useful knowledge about the interaction between human society and the natural environment y Human understanding of disasters as physical phenomena is a relatively modern thing y Serious steps to understandings began in the nineteenth century o Agricultural statistics to study famines o Plate tectonics to study earthquakes o Scientific meteorology to study monsoon storms y The study of causation has shifted from a moral perspective to a rational one creating a ground for people to play an important role in rebuilding and relief after disasters o Expansion of infrastructure and information systems has helped people to predicts risks supply relief and manage rebuilding y Historical scholarship has focused on famines and epidemics globally o Focus on technological and natural disasters is new o Emphasis is on understanding how knowledge and expertise evolved or was sparked off by a disasterHewitt on Paradigms in Disaster Research y Kenneth HewittCanadian geographer o One of the most important geographers to question the prevailing paradigms around disaster research in the 1970s o Critique of how casual explanations of disasters always ran from the physical environment to its social impacts o Critique of natural science and technological preoccupation of research as well as of relevant UN studies o Dominant view constitutes a technocratic approach o Nature of knowledge productionKnowledge and History of Disasters
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