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Midterm Review

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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

2132012 102200 AM Kenneth Hewitt y Canadian geographer y One of the most important geographers to question the prevailing paradigms around disaster research in the 1970s y Critique of how casual explanations of disasters always ran from the physical environment to its social impacts y Dominant view constitutes a technocratic approach y Disasters include o Natural hazards atmospheric hydrological geological and biological o Technological hazards dangerous materials destructive processes mechanical and productive o Social hazards war terrorism civil conflict and the use of hazardous materials and technologiesThomas Samuel Kuhn y Historian of science famous for his work in the sociology of knowledge y Kuhnian notion of paradigm and paradigm shift in disaster research y Technological determinism replaced by behavioural and Marxian framework in disasters research within geographyPiers Blaikie y Argued that it is peoplenot systems that deal with disaster o the characteristics of a person or group in terms of their capacity to anticipate cope with resist and recover from the impact of a natural hazard y socioeconomic problems combined with insecure physical environments create a high degree of vulnerabilityCarl Sauer y UCBerkeley geographer y Pioneering environmental research with a people centered and behavioral approach to environmental issuesFrank H Knightrisk and uncertainty 1921
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