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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Peterborough Floods Guest Lecture 3282012 63000 AM Global Disaster TrendsMunich Reone of the largest reinsurance companies in the world o Fund a large amount of hazards research o Nat catsnatural catastrophes o Kobe earthquakesecond most costly disaster o Hurricane Katrinamost costly natural disaster between 1950 and 2010Disasters in CanadaCriteria for inclusion o Meets at least one of the following10 or more people killed100 or more people affected injured evacuated or homelessAn appeal for nationalinternational assistanceFlood poses the largest risk and results in the most expensive natural disasters followed by wildfire and drought o Ontario BC Quebec and Maritimesflood is the largest risk o Saskatchewan Alberta and Manitobadrought is the largest riskHigh earthquake risks in BCMost expensive disaster for Canadian insurance companies o 1998 Ontario and Quebec Ice Storm2 billion o May 15 2011 wildfire in Slave Lake Alberta700 million400 homes destroyed and 7000 evacuated o August 19 2005 heavy rainfall in the GTAOntario500 million247 million in sewer backupInstitute for Catastrophic Loss ReductionCreated in 1997 by Canadian insurers to address rising natural disaster lossesProjectbased funding by various levels of governmentAffiliated with Western
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