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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Manhattan Project 2152012 75700 AM Technology and SocietyWe have drawn an artificial boundary between the technological and social and have found a sense of false infallibilityHave accepted a temporarily stable working relationship among machines seeing people and their environment as the only state of affairsTechnical and social elements are in a fragile equilibriumBy putting technological artifacts back into their social contexts we cover patterns that hold the clues to both past and future disastersCritique of Technological DeterminismDevelopments in society are never passively trained by the uncontrollable necessities of technologyTechnologies look the way they do because of their historical and cultural moorings and their connections with macrofeatures of economic and social organizationOrganizational sociologists have argued that high risk and complex technology are characterized by tight coupling and complex interactions among components o Instead of recovering from mistakes such systems slide irresistibly into catastropheSocial Perspectives on TechnologyLarge scale technologies can be resistant to democratic controlImportant to the political roots of all technological artifactsTechnical devices are systems that can acquire politics either because they represent a solution to a particular political problem or because they are inherently political in the sense of being compatibleManhattan ProjectManhattan project 194246Development of a nuclear device by creating new technologyProject was located in New Mexico o Led by Leslie Groves of the US Army o Oppenheimer was the chief scientist
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