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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Climate Change 3142012 73500 AM MessagesGlobal climate is sensitive and responding to human activitiesEnvironmental response o Systemic o Profound o Delayed o Difficult to reverseCanadian policy o Exploitation and adaptation o ResilienceHow Climate WorksEnergy transfer mechanisms o RadiationGlobal radiation balanceAbsorbed sunlight must equal the emitted infrared radiationSurplus energy in central latitude equator known as the Intertropical Convergence ZoneDeficit energy in higher latitudes polesSensible heat warmth of the air and waterLatent heat water vapourHow heat moves o Hadley cellshow warm air rises and cool air falls in a circular motion and changing these Hadley cells will change the location of the Earths deserts o Global ocean currentsNorth Atlantic Deep Water Formation NADWOcean freezes leaving behind dense salt heavy water which sinks to the bottom of the ocean which pumps the global ocean currentsIf the freezing of the North Atlantic stops the current will stop its regular flowInfluences on Global ClimateSolar variation shortwave
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