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Exam Review 4/11/2012 12:24:00 PM
Peterborough case study wont be on the exam
Looking at disasters and hazards within a geographical view
How emergencies are managed
Look at things qualitatively
No disconnect with theory
Politics behind the IPCC
Wont be asking a question on climate change science-there will be
a question on the policy of climate change in respect to Canada-
focus on Canadian content on the climate change slides
Focus on social vulnerability-very key to social policy
Movie on nuclear weapons-highlighted how the evolution of
technology needs to be examined in a social, cultural and political
Need to strengthen governments and make them accountable-
Bhopal (everyone attacked Union Carbide while Indian government
was elected-what else could have been done) lack of understanding
of processes led to the disaster getting worse
Famines-common sense approach can provide solutions
Hint: focus on the power points, most questions will be on there
Dave Colvin-just browse through his lecture
Very strategic-power points highlight important parts of a chapter-
read only what is important (ex soviet relationship to Chernobyl
Do you think Bhopal is more or less prepared than London
2 long essay questions-detail
4 short answers
multiple choice-10 questions
Essays at least three pages
Page and a half for short answer
Climate change powerpoints
Know the details of the case studies
o Famines Bengal, Irish, Ethiopian, Sen
o Floods Indus river
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