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Western University
Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Geography lecture notes 442012 120200 PMIndus Floods Disaster 2010Significant river and river system in PakistanPakistan is in the center of the World on Terror and facing a great deal of environmental disastersCountry that is highly rural tons of area that is undevelopedPart of a trans boundary water systemand issue with water that has implications on cooperation complexity frameworktheme of this courseVery significant disaster as it effected a third of Pakistans populationFlood policy is very importantbecoming a huge issue as they share the Himalayan watershed Pakistan and South Asia therefore rivers are very crucialin the center of old civilizationIndia is at advantagewater first flows through India then into PakistanCountries are all building dams without telling each other what they are doingneed to use the article by Mustafa for the essay question and what it means for climate change policyPakistan is vulnerable to disasterthe Indus flows right through PakistanIndia is the course of all these riversif India starts building dams it will cause a problemIndia was subject to a dispute between India and PakistanPakistan choose to become Muslim but Punjabi is spoken in bothDrawing on international models ex Great Lakes were used in South Asiatreatysome rivers flowing out from Indus were allotted to Pakistan while 3 were given to India they could not build dams on each others riversCountries have bilateral treaties with other countrieswhat is needed multilateral treatyIndia wants bilateral because they can get more concessions out of other countriesNeed a multilateralIndus disaster highlighted the need for itIndia and China were industrializing at a very fast paceIndia is trying to generate a lot of hydro power from the riversa lot of suspicions over the flow of rivers in PakistanCanal systemlike a water convenience systemconnected to huge reservoirspurpose branches flowing out of large systems into fields of the farmers why is it built A lot of variation from rainfall and farmers
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