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Western University
Geography 2153A/B
Jamie Baxter

Geography Jeopardy Review Questions 1) 26% of Canadians depend on groundwater but the majority draw their water from this source Surface water 2) Irrigation and mineral extraction are examples of “withdrawl” water use, while hydro power and fisheries are examples of this type of use Instream Use 3) The 200 nautical mile area off the coast of Canada that is protected by international law EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) 4) 7 died and hundreds took ill in this Ontario disaster that reminded us of the importance of safe drinking water systems Walkerton 5) The “killer spike” refers to this aspect of the east coast cod fishery Overharvesting (1992) 6) The largest forest zone in Canada and the one from which we draw most of our forest resources Boreal 7) The theory and practice of controlling the establishment, composition, growth, and quality of forest stands. Silviculture 8) The timber bias practice of “taking the best and leaving the rest” (It is said to result in the constant reduction in quality of forests) Highgrading 9) CSA, SFI, FSC are examples Sustainable forest management certification systems 10) A key problem with sustained yield forestry is that economic maturity is often reached before this. ecological maturity (old-growth stage) 11) This coalition of groups outside the mining industry is working towards environmentally sound mining laws and practices in Canada. MiningWatch Canada 12) Indirect activities associated with mining (or forestry), including the constructions of roads, rail links, and power facilities shadow effects 13) a.k.a. “yellow boy” this is formed by the oxidation of sulphide materials when exposed to air and water (ph 3 or less) Acid Mine Drainage 14) This concept developed by Harold Innis suggested that many Canadian remote communities focus on exporting raw resources with little processing; resulting in “company towns” with few services, little diversification and who are strongly effected by “boom-bust cycles” Trapped by Staples 15) These are heavily criticized for not accounting for distributive justice issues from mining operations in relation to aboriginal communities in particular Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs) 16) This includes all energy used from extraction and production to final use by the consumer Primary
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