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Western University
Geography 2240A/B
Philip Egberts

G2240A Fall2012 Final Project: Cartographic Narrative Compilation anthLayout DUE : Thursday Dec 13 (in Pazner’s Office, Rm 1416 SSC) Brief on the Project: The Project: Create a Cartographic Narrative (CN) as a single sheet mini (11”x17”) map poster that “tells the story” of your field research plan or that of the person you are paired with. This story was developed cartographically in Assignments 2, 3, 4, and 5 „increments‟. The poster should be (i) map heavy and (ii) text and other information light (such as graphs, tables, diagrams, pictures, etc.). The Flight of the Voyager map can serve as a good example for the balance we are looking for between a main map (or maps), text and graphs etc. What has to be submitted? on the Project: You are required to submit in both hard-copy and digital pdf form: (i) the CN graphic layout (worth 75% of the assignment), and (ii) a brief Report (worth 25%). This project is worth 20% of your G2240A course mark. Guidelines for doing the CN component: First, decide which of the pair‟s data and maps you will be using to do your joint CN. Next, design your CN based on the guidelines provided in Chapters 4 to 11 in our textbook. Make notes of this design process since it has to be described in the Report The CN should be a layout that you produce, and that is composed of one or more maps accompanied by text, and optionally, other information. The map(s) should be corrected and improved, (adapted, reworked, merged, fused, etc) versions of Assignments 2, 3 and 4 components. Include elements of Assignment 5 „at your own risk‟ and in a way that does not include a satellite image as a map backdrop (or “Ground” as it is referred to in the text). Include other key information such as text and graphics extremely selectively. The CN layout may be compiled as a PowerPoint slide. You must also include the following information: title, date, student names.
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