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Exam Studying of Study-ness with Some Ums and Likes that shouldn't be there.docx

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Western University
Geography 3312A/B
Haroon Akram Lodhi

Exam Studying of Study-ness Entitlements Neo-Malthusianism with a Smattering of Exchange Rate Neo-patrimonialism Unnecessary “Ums” and Export oriented import Non-governmental Misused “Likes” substitution organizations Export oriented Official debt TERMS OF TERM-ABILITY industrialization Official development Absolute poverty Famine assistance Agricultural subsidies Fertility rate Patrimonial authority Aid Feudalism Policy-based lending Amartya Sen Food availability decline Population growth Authoritarianism Food entitlement decline Poverty Balance of Payments Food security Poverty Reduction Strategy Bureaucracy Food self-sufficiency Papers Canadian International Foreign direct investment Per capita gross Development Foreign portfolio investment national/domestic Agency Formal sector product Capabilities Globalization Prebisch-Singer hypothesis Capitalism ‘Great transformation’ Privatization Capital accumulation ‘Green Revolution’ Relative poverty Carrying capacity Human development index Rural-urban migration Chronic hunger Imperialism Social capital Colonialism Import-substituting Social view of population Commodity production industrialization Stabilization Commercial debt Inequality State Conditionality Infant mortality rate Structural adjustment Decolonization Informal sector Structural transformation Demographic transition International migration Structuralism Dependency theory International Monetary Terms of trade Devaluation Fund Thomas Malthus Developing country debt Karl Polanyi Tied aid crisis Labour productivity Trade liberalization ‘Development’ Labour regime Transnational/multinational Development Assistance Land tenure corporatio
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