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02 02 Seminar Notes - Reviewing for Midterms.docx

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Geography 3312A/B
Haroon Akram Lodhi

Midterm: Christmas onward – with foundation from first term Answers will have to be concise: only 40 minutes What relates so far? Conflict:  Causes of conflict o Colonisation o Political o Horizontal & vertical inequality Climate change:  Natural  Emissions trading – cap & trade o Look at le video - watercooler o Sustainability  Responsibility: North Gender  Sex: biological  Gender: social o Roles  Domestic work – mothering/parenting  Care – taking care of children & elderly (Nursing in Canada)  Public (men’s) vs. private (women’s) sphere  Colonisation  Men getting paid for work, women not – just getting more + domestic  Women’s role in decision making was slashed  Women lost control over land, tools, seeds & income from trade & artisan  Jamaica: slaves brought over by colonisers … after the slave trade ended, women brought to reproduce, men were brought to work in fields. “Serial monogamy” as a result – men have no wives, so they rape. Breeding programs. o Predominant household structure: Women lead because men father many children with different women.  In countries were males are favoured over females, there are typically more boys born than girls – which means women are having abortions if they have girls (not always of their own volition) Health  Big Pharma o They own 90% of drugs & they make them expensive by patenting them. o Were told countries were going to break the patents & make cheaper versions o CBC podcast: Woman whose son has a rash - $450/8 days of treatment with health i
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