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Historical Industry Hubs 2/23/2013 2:08:00 PM A Look at Some of the Industry Hubs that Thrived in the Past  Akron, Ohio o Between 1910 and 1920, "The Rubber Capital of the World" was the fastest-growing city in the nation, thanks to a booming automobile industry o Crucial features that helped it thrive – it was not only located close to auto makers, it also had water power and cheap coal to draw on o Most rubber companies died off in the fierce pricing competition o 1970s – French manufacturer Michelin introduced the longer- lasting radial tire  Profits slipped and plants closed o Goodyear Tire & Rubber is now the only major tire company that still has headquarters in Akron  Lowell, Massachusetts o After the Civil War, the textiles industry in the North exploded o At the onset of the First World War, the major companies put the brakes on expansion and shortly thereafter moved to the South for cheaper labor and closer proximity to cott
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