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Western University
Geography 3422A/B
Milford Green

The Corporation 4/5/2013 9:22:00 AM The Corporation  Extraordinarily powerful but necessary in our world  Corporations were originally associations of people organized by the state to fulfill a certain mission  The corporations that existed had clear stipulations, how long they would operate, the amount of capital, what they made/did/maintained was in their charter o They didn’t do anything else o Didn’t own any other corporations o Their shareholders were liable o Essentially a gift from the people in order to serve a public good  Corporate lawyers wanted some restraints on corporations removed so they could do more o Corporations used the abolishment of black slaves – not being allowed to take the life, liberty and freedom of a person – the corporations said that they were a person and should also be entitled to the freedom of life, liberty and freedom A Legal Person  Corporations under the law is considered a legal person o Can buy and sell property o Can sue and be sued o Can borrow money  Corporations are required by law to put its bottom line ahead of everything else, even the public good  Externalities – the effect of a transaction between two individuals on that third party o Each corporation is designed to achieve some external objective at almost any cost Case Histories  Corporations hire low cost labour to make more money o Corporations soon find they can’t do anymore in a certain country because the “wages are too high” when in fact the employees are just barely getting by  1940 – the beginning of the era of the ability to synthesize and create new chemicals that had never existed before on an unlimited scale o It became possible to produce new chemicals for any purpose at any cost o Warning signs began to emerge that some of these new chemicals had highly toxic effects on humans  Animals o Toxicological testing on cows showed that cows who took a drug to make them produce more milk, in turn caused large problems for the cows themselves such as infections, which was then transferred to humans  If the chance of getting caught and paying for it is less than the cost of complying with the rules, the rules will get broken The Pathology of Commerce  The dominant institution of our time has been created with the same traits of a psychopath  Obligations o Corporations have the same obligations and concerns as the people running them do since they are the same people  Terminator technology – technology
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