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Geography 3422A/B
Milford Green

Video: Credit Where It’s Due 9/11/2012 1:54:00 PM Caribbean Islands  Rich English men would bring in poor people from Africa to harvest all the sugar on the Caribbean islands o Sugar producers then were like oil producers now o Controlled thousands of slaves by keeping them frightened  Wanted to make enough money to retire back home England  Livestock – needed food in the winter to keep them alive o Found different ways to protect the grass, an inch of water to prevent frost, feeding them turnip because it would grow in fall and be ready for winter, nitrogen in the grass so it would continue to grow  1720 – 30 years of beautiful weather lead to food prices down and wages up o Resulted in the “ploughman’s lunch” o Cash flow problems, too much cash and not enough flow o Dutch introduced paper money to England – using a “paper promise” instead of actual gold  Also introduced stocks and investment in companies both in England and overseas  John Locke – said that government’s only role was to protect people’s property o Social contract – between people and the government so that everyone could pursue in their own self-interest  1700’s – a lot of new ideas like import and export o There was no tax on profits in the 1700’s o Decenters – considered to be potentially dangerous revolutionary fanatics (religious people)  Not allowed to gather in public or go to university  Were allowed to go into industry – something the rich thought was “below them”  Middle of the 18 thcentury: o Set up their own academies all over the country  Learned things that we are still learning today, turned out the equivalent of Harvard grads today o With their education styles and skills learned, they were able to take advantage over those with more money than sense o Darby – discovered c
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