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Geography 3422A/B
Milford Green

The History of Multinational Corporations 10/9/2012 7:14:00 AM Highlights:  Opening of world trade, A.D. 700-1600 o The silk road – linked Europe, the Middle East and Asia o Roman Trade Routes – Roman Empire controlled the area surrounding the Mediterranean o African Trade Routes – northern Africa and the great ancient Egyptian civilization entered into trade with Europe and Asia o The Vikings – Dublin, Ireland was an important center for trade, reaching out to Scotland, the Mediterranean, England, Germany and the Middle East o Spanish Trade Routes – Caribbean and the Americas o Portuguese Trade Routes – Portuguese sailors were the first to establish a sea route around South Africa form Europe, opening up Indian Ocean, Spice Islands, China and Japan to trade o Indian Ocean Trade Routes – ideally suited for long distance sea trade  Major European Multinational Businesses, 1300-1600 o The Hanseatic League – association of north-central European towns that controlled much of the trade among Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and England o Merchant Adventurers – a group of British wool and cloth merchants who were granted special trading privileges from the royal courts with extensive control over trade and commerce o Medici Bank – estimated 150 Italian banking firms that dominated European finance and international commerce, the Florence-based Medici family firm was the most powerful financial institution in 1century Europe o Fugger Family – originally a farming family from Germany, successive Fugger families built up one of the most powerful and influential family businesses in medieval Europe, there were chains of stores selling their goods all across Europe o Muscovy (Russia)
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