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Milford Green

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Shale Gas will have its Day in Europe 11/13/2012 10:50:00 AM Highlights:  Reduced estimates of reserves in some countries, difficult geologies and environmentally-motivated suspensions on the hydraulic fracturing technology used to produce shale gas have slowed the outlook for its development in Europe  The development of shale gas has transformed North America from a net gas importer to a prospective exporter  One factor restraining shale gas growth in central and eastern Europe is the spread of restrictions on “fracking” – injecting water, sand and chemicals at high pressure into shale to open fractures that release gas o This reflects concerns that it can cause environmental damage, such as pollution of groundwater o Such concerns have become a bigger issue in Europe the US because of greater population density and more powerful environmental lobbies  Reserve estimates have been cut back in Poland, one of the most promising countries where fracking is not restricted o Polish optimism was dented further in June by ExxonMobil’s withdrawal from shale gas exploration after disappointing flow rates from test wells  Geologists say rock formations in Europe are proving more impermeable to existing technology than similar formations in North America  Fracking “will
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