History of Medicine Study notes for Test 1

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Western University
History of Science
History of Science 2151F/G

Ancient Egypt MesopotamiaPeruDatesCivilization Develops Civilization Develops Civilization 11001533 between 3500 BC 3100 3500 BCADConceptual ApproachSupernaturalSupernatural SupernaturalDoctorsPhysicianPriests PhysicianPriests even wetnurses belonged to a priestly orderDisease was caused byGods and Spirits Gods and SpiritsGods SorcerersDisease was cured bySpells and Prayers Divination Kind ofTransfer of illness onto prayed to specific gods Confession of Sins animals Sacrafice to for certain diseasesExorcisim appease the gods and exorcism and confessionKey things about Very good at taking case Very good at instituting Very good at sugery medicine histories and doing policies for doctors as Removal of tumors and physical examscan be seen by the code amputations mummificationof hammurabi mummificationUnderstood how some disease came with the change of the seaons idea of contagionNot good atSurgery They only Surgery bandaged not Cut Important TextEdwin Smith Papyrus Code of Hammurabi Sources about medicine 1600 bc discusses case 2250 BC are found in spanish studies and diagnosis Outlined fees for conquistador writting
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