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HIS 1401E
Study Guide

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Here is the final exam format. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. Please
confirm the date and time of the exam the day as misreading the timetable or sleeping in are
not considered valid excuses.
History 020E (570) Final Exam
The final exam consists of three parts:
Part A (50 marks)
In this section you will be required to write an essay on one or more of the course’s main
themes. Be sure to support your conclusions with specific and relevant factual information drawn
from your readings, lectures and tutorials. This section is cumulative and covers the entire
You will have a choice of two essays – do only one!
Part B (30 marks)
This section resembles the midterm exam in scope as you will be required to write one essay
(from a selection of three) on a more specific event or trend. This section is not cumulative and
covers the material from the midterm onward. In other words, you will not see a question on
Enlightened Absolutism.
Part B (20 marks)
This is the short answer section; you will have to identify and give the historical significance of
five (5) terms out of a choice of fifteen (15)
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