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HIS 1601E Full Course Notes
HIS 1601E Full Course Notes
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Over hundreds males and females followed her to the grave. (matriarchal society) lyo, relative to pimiko, made queen when she was 13. Paekche asked japan for protection and gave japan buddha as present. Prince shotoku taishi (574-622) harmony obey lords and fathers. As long as you are in the imperial family, you can become a emperor vs. everyone can become emperor. Female can be empress vs. female can not rule the country. Regency system p152-154 (do not get rid of the emperor because they know that the regency has the power. Unlike china, the only way to have power is to become the emperor) Reunification of japan after the warring state period. The only source of income that solider earn is from their master. They can not leave their master without permission and shows their loyalty. (have to be loyalty) 1587: christian missionaries order to leave the country.

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