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History 2301E Study Guide - Final Guide: Tennessee Valley Authority, Universal Negro Improvement Association And African Communities League, National Recovery Administration

Course Code
HIS 2301E
Nina Reid- Maroney
Study Guide

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The Great Depression
o American Individualism
Labour, government and business called to work together and
Modest federal aid/shoring up of banking system
o Public relations problem
Hoovervilles- Shanty towns of homeless
FDR and the 1932 election
o Appears empathetic to struggling Americans
Natural disasters coincide with economic disaster
o Dustbowl
Human role in creation
FDR new deal
o Keynesian influence
o Reorganized banks
o National recovery administration
o Agricultural adjustment act
o Tennessee Valley Authority
o Critics from both the left and the right
o Critics on the crackpot fringe
E.g. Huey Long
Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association
Marcus Garvey
o Pan-African ideology
Inspired to Malcolm X
Economic nationalism
Offered cultural and political appeal
Black star shipping line
Critique of capitalism and consumer economy- connected to
racial oppression
o Born in Jamaica
o Charismatic leader-no apologies
Old search for justice was futile- offered new alternative
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