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History 2403E Final: The Spanish Inquisition Questions

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
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The Spanish Inquisition Questions
1. The inquisition was movement within the Spanish Kingdom with the blessing
of the Pope, and King and Queen of Spain. The movement created an
Inquisition board to investigate and punish heresy within the Spanish
Kingdom. King Ferdinand believed it would strengthen the Spanish state.
2. People were encouraged to inform because priests issued an “Edict of Faith”
ordering all Christians to report heresy. This gave them religious obligation.
As well informants were promised full secrecy and protection. Another
reason some people became informants, was they were forced to under
3. The accused was held unable to talk to anyone in solitary. The accused was
expected to pay for their bed and clothes. From there, there would be a trial
where the accused was considered guilty and the burden of proving
innocence was upon them. If he did not confess he would be tortured until
confession or until he was nearly dead.
4. The possible sentences were death, public burning at the stake, lashes,
imprisonment, torture, and public shaming.
5. The inquisition was justified because all they did was investigate, and the
case was handed over to the state for punishment. Though this was true, the
members of the inquisition council knew that criminal law made burning at
the stake mandatory for heretics. As well there were always religious officials
present at the executions giving the church sanction, demonstrating the
church’s approval
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